Cheeky Monkey – As If!

Cheeky Monkey - As If If you feel beautiful and empowered you will fill your space with positive energy. At least that’s what the tag on As If said.. The website describes it as a metallic medium rose (though the website picture shows it as much darker – so be sure to look at the text descriptions) – and it definitely is. It’s a dusty rose with hints of lilac, opaque in one coat – great application. I love it. My first picture is in the shade – which shows it’s true color and the 2nd was taken in the sun to show off how great it shines.

After I saw some reviews of Cheeky Monkey, I knew I had to have them – I loved the names and the bottles – for me, it was worth trying it out at $15 each. I spent a lot of time thinking about it and finally decided on Brazen Hussy and Raunchy Bitch as my two choices. About a week later, I got my package and I was so excited! I opened it up and found Raunchy Bitch and…. Cougar.

I was a little disappointed so I emailed Andrea from Cheeky Monkey. I was shocked when I got an email back within 20 minutes! She apologized, said she must have mixed up two orders and that she’d send me a new package via UPS the next day. She Cheeky Monkey - As If did! She told me to pick out another polish and she’d put that in the package too. I was SO impressed with her customer service and overall attitude – she was great to work with.

As If was my freebie choice – who can pass up a good Clueless reference? Not me! I really like this color and I can’t wait to try the others I got.

More on Cheeky Monkey under the cut!

Cheeky Monkey - Packaging

I didn’t want to overload you with pictures but I can’t leave out how awesome the packaging was! Wrapped in pink tissue paper in a black bag with a Cheeky Monkey ribbon tied across the top. Very fun. I was having a pretty rotten day when this arrived and it totally lifted my spirits.

I also got a sticker (which told me that I was F’n Fantastic- how did it know?) and a Cheeky Monkey nail file.

Overall, despite the mix up in the original order, the amazingness of As If, and the prompt customer service from Andrea – will definitely send me back for more Cheeky Monkey in the future – can’t wait to try out my other Cheeky Monkey polishes.


  1. I love the name. It makes me want to watch Clueless! And I can totally see Alicia Silverstone’s character wearing this polish in the movie 🙂

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