Nina Ultra Pro Soursop

Nina Ultra Pro SoursopSoursop is from Nina Ultra Pro’s Spring 2010 Hard Candies collection. I picked up Soursop along with Dragon Berry (blue and purple…shocking, I know!).

In the bottle Soursop appeared to be a gorgeous frosted sky blue packed with microglitter. Sadly, it is impossible to achieve the bottle look on the nail. I used 5, yes 5, coats and as you can see the color is still not opaque. Soursop is essentially the sky blue version of OPI Pink Before You Leap.

I was somewhat disappointed with this polish, well I still am disappointed with this polish, but it did redeem itself. I decided to try it over a Orly Star of Bombay. The effect was AMAZING! I mean, I really love it.

I was worried my other purchase from the Hard Candies line would be just as sheer, but I’m wearing Dragon Berry now and it was opaque in two coats.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. You know, I had the SAME problem with this – it’s the only one I picked up from that collection, and I was terribly disappointed with it. I didn’t even post my swatch!

    1. I’m still so disappointed in this polish! It looked amazing in the bottle 🙁

      The only polish I got from this collection was fine. I wish I had known Soursop was so sheer before I bought it.

  2. Ugh! I posted about the Nina Ultra Pro collection on Friday, and I had the same troubles with Soursop. I also had much of the same problem with Star Fruit. My advice? If you don’t already have Star Fruit, DON’T get it. The Soursop over the Orly Star of Bombay, however, looks pretty sweet. 😀

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