Color Club – Wham!Pow! (+Poptastic Collection Review)

Color Club - Wham!Pow! Finally! I present to you… Wham!Pow! from Color Club’s Poptastic Collection. I held off on swatching it because it’s been cloudy for days but as it turns out, it was hard to photograph regardless. I couldn’t capture the true neon orange of this nail polish – in reality, it looks a lot like traffic cone orange. The picture on the left is most like it’s true color (and was taken indoors with a flash).

I held off for another reason, I thought I would hate it – but I don’t. The application was the best in the collection – this is three coats but I could have gotten away with two. The color is a lot of fun too – I like oranges, but something about a neon orange just totally turned me off – but once I put it on… I changed my mind. It’s a totally fun and flirty neon. Love it.

If you want my overall opinion about the collection and pictures of the rest of the Poptastic Collection – check under the jump :).
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Overall thoughts on the Poptastic Collection:

This was my very first experience with Color Club. I’d seen so many cute colors and heard good things about Color Club but I could never find it anywhere. Most of my nail polish buys are completely impulsive so I rarely order polish over the internet. When I saw the sets at Ross I totally freaked (and got four: ElectroCandy, Poptastic, Pardon my French, and Rebel Debutante).

Overall – I like the colors. It’s a great summer collection. Very fun and will look awesome by the pool with summer tans. I was disappointed in the application on a few of them and hope that this isn’t a Color Club norm – though to be honest, they aren’t that expensive and considering the price…..well, it’s something I can look past if the colors are right. Would I buy them at regular price? No – not unless there was something unique. I was also disappointed that the bottles in the sets weren’t labeled. I’m slightly OCD so I printed off little labels and taped them on the side… problem solved.

So in short – great collection for the price. In case you missed it – here are my swatches of the rest of the collection as well as links to my posts. In order from favorite to least favorite 🙂

Color Club - Poptastic Warhol, Pucci, Poptastic

1. Color Club – Warhol

2. Color Club – Pucci-licious

3. Color Club – Poptastic

Color Club - Poptastic Chelsea AF Twiggie

4. Color Club – Chelsea Girl

5. Color Club – Almost Famous

6. Color Club – Twiggie


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