Essence What do U think?

Essence What do U Think?I picked up Essence What do U think? at Ulta for $.99 because I have been eyeing Channel Orange Fizz. I’m just not ok with spending $23 on a bottle of polish! What do U think? is almost an exact dupe. To see comparisons, click here!

What do U think? is a peach creme. It’s a really pretty color. Application was amazing, I really do love the Essence brushes.

The color against my skintone isn’t amazing. Maybe during the summer when I have just a tad bit more color (which really, is all I ever get…a tad bit of color). I’m definitely glad I didn’t spend $23 to get the Chanel 🙂

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!



  1. I’ve got them both, first bought the one from essense wich was a complete disaster, it turned totally orange and stayed on for barely 1 day… Then i bought chanel it looks much better than essence, really easy to apply and stays on for an entire week. Totaly worth the 23$

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