Color Club – Almost Famous & Chelsea Girl

Color Club - Almost Famous

More from Color Club’s Poptastic Collection! Almost Famous & Chelsea Girl were the two I was most excited to try out. First up is Almost Famous…

This is a vibrant (not neon) yellow creme. I’m not really a fan of yellows but this is actually really kind of pretty and I think would look fantastic with a summer tan. It applied very thin and streaky but was opaque and streak free (with no visible nail lines) after 3 coats. To be honest, I think the finished effect is worth the less than favorable application.

The color makes me think of school busses, bananas, and yellow solo cups.

Next on my list…Chelsea Girl…

Color Club - Chelsea Girl

I love blues so I was super excited to try out Chelsea Girl as well The formula was similar to Almost Famous – thin and streaky, and this took four coats and you can still see nail lines. It’s a bright/electric blue creme or maybe slightly jelly (I can’t decide) – and it’s pretty enough – also fun for the summer.

As far as blues go, I have plenty I’d choose before picking this one again. I usually go for darker blues a la Russian Navy or Orly Star of Bombay or grey/teal blue’s like MAC’s Blue India – but I will say it fits in very nicely with the collection.


What do you think?