China Glaze Stella

China Glaze StellaThis polish is so pretty! Stella is from China Glaze’s Fall 2009 Retro Diva collection. I found this at Beauty Brands on clearance and just had to pick it up.

Stella is a frosted purple with red undertones and red and blue microglitter. This is one of those polishes that just glows. I was rather underwhelmed with this polish in indoor lighting, but ouside in the sunlight I was shocked at how multidimensional it was. It’s so pretty!

The formula is great. Very opaque and not streaky like some frosted polishes. I only needed to coats. But I find application with all China Glaze polishes a little difficult and messy mostly due to the amount of polish the brushes hold. This polish was no exception; alot of clean up was required!

China Glaze Stella

In the bottle this polish didn’t strike me to be all that similar to anything I owned. But once I saw the color on my nails in the sunlight it hit me…I had at least 2 polishes that look similar to Stella; Maybelline Grape Times and Chi Check out the Venus Goddess. When I pulled out the Chi and Maybelline bottles I was shocked at how similar they looked. Comparisons below the jump 🙂



China Glaze Stella ComparisonsChi Check out the Venus Goddess is the closest dupe in my collection to China Glaze Stella. Both are red based purples with blue and red microglitter.

For all intensive purposes the two are dupes. The only VERY minor difference that I could see was that Check out the Venus Goddess had just a smidge more blue microglitter than Stella.

Maybelline Grape Times (Check out my full post on Grape Times here) is a blue based purple and has significantly more blue micro glitter than either of the other two polishes. But it has the same glow factor.

Bottom line: You don’t need both Chi Check out the Venus Goddess and China Glaze Stella. If I had to pick one that is better it would be Check out the Venus Goddess based solely on ease of application and bottle design. The Maybelline makes a good drugstore substitute. It has the glow which is really what’s special about these three polishes. Grape Times is also part of Maybelline’s permanent collection so it’s super easy to find. Stella and Check out the Venus Goddess are both from 2009 collections and may be difficult to find.


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