Ulta Limelight

Ulta LimelightSt. Patrick’s day is tomorrow, so I figured I better find myself a green manicure. I didn’t want a safe green manicure like Orly Enchanted Forest or OPI Jade is the New Black. Until yesterday I had planned to go with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Going Green, but during a trip to Ulta I ran across Limelight. Ulta nail polishes are on sale this week for $2 (regularly $5) so I picked up Limelight along with Moody Blues.

Limelight is (as the name implies) a lime green creme. The formula was a little thin, so it required 3 thin coats to be opaque. In the bottle I liked this color but thought it would look awful against my cool, pale skintone. But the lack of yellow in this formula makes it very wearable.

Ulta Salon Formula nail polishes have a new bottle style. From what I could see at Ulta, they are keeping alot of the old colors just replacing the bottles, as well as adding some new colors (including Limelight).

Ulta Salon Formula Bottle and Brush

Unlike the old bottles, the new bottles have a squared cap but is removable. I’m not really sure why as I found it much easier to apply with the squared cap on. The old bottles were .5ounces, the new ones are only .4ounces (for the same price). So while the wider color selection is nice, it’s going to cost a bit more.



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