MAC – Blue India

Mac - Blue India2

Today I fell in love. Blue India is AMAZING. It definitely lives up to all the hype. I’d seen some swatches and I liked it but I had no intentions of buying it until I walked passed the MAC store yesterday and I just couldn’t resist. It’s an amazing steel blue-grey creme. I’ve been wanting a color like this for a long time – I love blues, and grays and this isMAC - Blue India definitely a highlight in my collection. It applied really well, it took two coats for me, though I think it might be better with three – because I can see some streaking especially on one nail in some of the pictures I took, that I didn’t see before. The bottle and packaging is beyond cute and that just added to my overall level of love I’m feeling right now.

Anyway, the color is exactly as it looks in the bottle. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. This is pretty much a must have.

This is 2 coats. I’d like to get pictures of it in daylight but it’ was cloudy all day – so those will be coming because I see myself wearing this a lot in the near future.



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