China Glaze – Good Witch?

China Glaze - Good Witch

China Glaze – Good Witch? Where do I begin… I drooled over this color before the Wizard of Ooh Ahz Collection came out. I love pinks. I love glitter. Therefore, I love glittery pinks. I looked went to Ulta on a more than normal basis to look for this collection and it was never there. Finally, a few weeks ago I went to Sally’s and they had it and… I didn’t get it. I had made a resolution not to buy anymore pinks (I have SO many). But.. on a second trip I got it. I love it. It’s a beautiful sparkly princess-y pink. It applied really well – two coats. While it looks like it’d be a bit bumpy, it really isn’t – it’s quite smooth. Love it. The color reminds me a lot of my most favorite pink polish ever: OPI’s Royal Flush Blush.


What do you think?