Claire’s Mood Nail Polish calm/wild

Claire's Mood Nail Polish calm wild hot coldI can’t say I ever thought I would buy nail polish at Claire’s, but I just couldn’t resist mood nail polish. When I was a kid I absolutely LOVED mood jewelry. It didn’t matter what kind of jewelry it was; rings, necklaces, bracelets. I loved them all.

I must say, the Claire’s shopping experience had not improved since I last shopped there in high school. It’s still a tiny store with too much merchandise and too many people. Especially on a Saturday. But it was worth it to pick up a couple of these nail polishes.

I purchased 2 of the 4 mood polishes. They were buy one get one half off, and retail at $5 a piece. Calm/wild (purple and pink sparkle) along with confident/peaceful (teal and blue creme). The other two didn’t interest me much. Happy/earthy is a green and yellow creme, and innocent/daring is a gray and peach creme.

In the bottle wild/calm appears to be a really pretty purple polish with quite a bit of silver shimmer. The purple shimmer is the color of the polish when it is cold. When the polish is warm it is a pink (with a distinctive purple undertone) shimmer. Both colors are really pretty and I think would make pretty polishes on their own.

This polish is very sensitive to temperature. More so then I really expected. If you run your nails under hot or cold water, the color changes immediately. The polish seems to be always changing colors. Everytime I look at my nails the color seems slightly different.

Claire's Mood Nail Polish calm wild

Applying this nail polish was quite an experience. I was actually impressed with the brush. It was a bit wider than a normal brush, and flat making for easy application. When I applied this polish my hands were warm. So the polish immediately turned pink as it was drying but the wet nail polish remained purple. The polish dried very quickly. So it was somewhat difficult to tell if I was applying the nail polish evenly or if it was streaky or not. I finally came to realize this polish is fairly opaque. Two coats were more than sufficient. The reason it dried so quickly is the formula is very similar to polishes from the OPI Suede collection. This polish did not dry to a shiny finish, it was more of a suede finish.

So….that brings us to another issue. When I purchased these I wasn’t sure whether or not using a base and top coat would affect the ability of the polish to change colors. The bottle is no help. There are no instructions. It seemed to me that the bottle would specify if a base and top coat would affect the polish negatively so I went ahead and used my regular base coat. When the polish dried to a suede finish, I decided to use Essie Good to Go! on top. It obviously didn’t have any negative impact on the polish.

The wear on this polish was fine. When it dried to a suede finish I assumed it would chip fairly quickly. With  my base and top coat it wore for a couple days before any visible tip wear.

Overall this is a fun nail polish. Something different. Both my Mom and my brother thought I was a little crazy when I tried to explain color changing nail polish to them. I secretly think they were just jealous of my amazing nail polish with special powers.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



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