China Glaze – Aqua Baby (+mini haul)

China Glaze - Aqua BabyFirst let me say, this color is great. It’s bright and fun and perfectly creme-y, yet very glossy at the same time. For color it get’s two thumbs up. This picture is fairly accurate though I think it leans every so slightly towards teal, just a bit.

Now, as far as wear goes – I used a new base & top coat from Sinful Colors (along with two coats of Aqua Baby)…I put this polish on Tuesday night, and photographed it Thursday afternoon – the tip wear is more than obvious in the picture on the left. Sinful Colors - Top and BaseIt doesn’t really bother me b/c  it’s rare that I go more than a day or so without changing my nail polish and I don’t know if it chipped more because of the formula or because of the Sinful Colors Top/Base Coat. I’ll have to give both another try and we’ll see I suppose. Has anyone else used Sinful Colors Quick Dry?

But wait!China Glaze - Aqua Baby (Matte) There’s more! Yes, I know I’m feeling a bit guilty for not posting so much lately so.. I decided to throw my new best friend into the mix – matte top coat time! I suppose, overall, I’m not overly impressed with adding a matte top coat to Aqua Baby – it makes it flat and dull, and I don’t expect I’ll do it again but I’ll show you the results anyway 🙂 SoPolish Haul 3-4 without further ado…

Nope. Still not done. I had a stressful day at work so I made a stop at Sally’s in search of China Glaze – Grape Pop, which they were out of – but I got these beauties instead… From Left to right we have: China Glaze – Emerald Sparkle, China Glaze – Heli-yum, China Glaze – Frostbite, Orly – Pixy Stick, and Orly Snowcone.

More on these later. Happy Varnishing!

What do you think?