Pure Ice Iced Merlot

Pure Ice Iced MerlotWe have a drugstore OPI Don’t Toy With Me dupe! Well, that would be more exciting if I didn’t already own the more expensive OPI version.

Katie’s OPI Cabernet for the Lady post inspired me to do a “classy and professional” manicure.” Pure Ice Iced Merlot has admittedly been in my box of untrieds for awhile. I picked it up on one of my rare trips to Wal-Mart (which, as far as I know, is the only place to purchase the Pure Ice line) along with Maybelline Grape Times and wet n wild Glitz.

I had heard nothing but good things about Pure Ice (and Katie loves Strapless) so I decided to pick up a bottle. Iced Merlot caught my eye, mostly for the shimmer and the name, since I’m not huge on red polishes. I love wine, therefore I love nail polishes with wine inspired names.

Pure Ice Bottle and brushIced Merlot is gorgeous. It is a deep red packed full of red microglitter. On the nail it’s incredibly shiny. The formula is great. Applied smoothly, and only took two coats for the color to be opaque. The Pure Ice bottles are squared (which I know alot of people are fans of) and .5 ounces. The brush is rounded. The wand is a little shorter than what I am used to, but I had no problems controlling the brush.

As far as wear goes, I had no major issues. Sure, it chipped in a couple days, which is a little sooner than some of the more expensive brands. I did use my regular Essie Good to Go! topcoat, and a base coat.

Overall, for just under $2, this polish is a steal. They offer a tone of unique and fun colors, along with the more standard colors.


Click more for some comparisons 🙂

Iced Merlot is similar to alot of colors in my collection. It is almost an exact dupe of OPI Don’t Toy With Me, and as close of a dupe of any polish I’ve ever seen.

If anything, Iced Merlot has just a little bit more pink in it than Don’t Toy With  Me. This is really only noticable when comparing the two in the bottle. On the nail I can’t tell a difference at all.

OPI Merry Merry is also very similar, and in most lights Iced Merlot, Don’t Toy With Me and Merry Merry look the same. In reality, Merry Merry leans more towards magenta than red (and is more pink than it appears in the picture).

A couple other polishes I have are similar, but not dupes. OPI I’ve “Red” the Script is close to the same color just with less shimmer. Maybelline Berries n Jewels is a darker red.

Happy Varnishing 🙂

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