Essie Good to Go! top coat

Essie Good to Go!I talk about Essie’s Good to Go! top coat in almost every post, so I figured it was about time I do a post on it.

I’ve been using the top coat on every manicure for about a month. I was looking for a new top coat when conveniently Ulta was running a special, so I got this top coat for free, though it retails for $10.

Essie claims this is “the fastest drying top coat” and that the “unique formula penetrates through fresh polish to dry it – almost immediately! Leaves behind a chip-resistent, non-yellowing protective finish with a high gloss shine.”

For the most part I think that description is accurate. This top coat dries extremely fast and does a good job preventing chipping. Is it the fastest drying top coat? Who knows. I haven’t tried all the top coats out there, and I know Katie would argue her Seche Vite dries faster, but this certainly dries fast. I’ve ruined alot less manicures since I’ve been using this top coat.



What do you think?