Orly Star of Bombay

I found my perfect Auburn navy! From the Fall 2008 Gem’s collection, Orly Star of Bombay is a deep navy creme with just a little bit of microglitter. The microglitter (also navy) is more apparent in the bottle than on the nail. In direct sunlight it can been seen, otherwise it just looks like a creme.

Star of Bombay is a very dark navy. In low light it looks black. But I still love it. Because I’m so pale, stark black can look very harsh against my skintone, but the navy looks less harsh.

The formula was a little thick. If I had been more careful, I probably could have gotten away with just one coat, but I did use two. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, Orly bottles are wonderful. I just love the rubberized handle!

Ok, now on to the comparison. I have 2 other navys in my collection; OPI Russian Navy and Essie Midnight Cami.

For some reason I never realized that Russian Navy and Midnight Cami are twins except Russian Navy has a bit of red microglitter. Star of Bombay is significantly darker. None are dupes, but unless you are a true navy fan like myself, Star of Bombay plus either Midnight Cami or Russian navy would suffice.