Orly Last Dance

Orly Last Dance was my National Wear Red Day manicure. I spotted this at Ulta in a Valentine’s Day minis display with 2 other Orly pink minis. Orly minis are 5.4mL (compared to OPI’s 3.75mL minis) and were $3.50 a bottle. The only downside to Orly minis is they lack the rubberized handle that I love so much. The brush is the same as the full size bottle, though.

Originally released in a 2007 minis collection, Last dance is red glitter suspended in a sheer red base. In the bottle it looks like there is alot more glitter than there is. I used three coats and as you can tell in the picture with a flash, the glitter was still rather sparse. I really only did three coats to make the sheer red base opaque. The base has a jelly feel to it. But with three coats there was no dreaded visible nail line.

In direct light (or in the picture with a flash) the glitter appears to be darker than the base. It doesn’t look like that in normal light. The picture without a flash is a more accurate depiction of what this polish really looks like.

Overall, this is a really pretty polish. It doesn’t look or feel like a glitter (but it wears like one). In most lights it just looks like an incredibly shiny red. On me (I am very pale and cool toned) this red leans on the orange side. In some lights (florescent) it looks very orange on me.

Though I like the look of this polish on its own, it would also be a great layering polish, especially over reds (like OPI I’ve “Red” the Script).

Happy Superbowl Sunday. Go Saints!




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