Essie – Licorice

essie - licorice I have found the perfect black nail polish.  I grabbed Essie’s Licorice for two reasons: 1. I love black nail polish and 2. I have come to love most dark nail polishes Essie puts out (which are few and far between): Wicked, Midnight Cami, and Sexy Divide, specifically.

Anyway, back to Licorice. It’s perfect. I usually like a little shimmer or microglitter in my black nail polish – and this has none – but it doesn’t need it. It is so glossy and deep and just flat out gorgeous.

I never thought I’d be so insanely impressed with something so simple. I really did stare at my hands all day (so it passed my love test). There’s something about black polish that is so chic – I especially love it on shorter nails.

I’ve used licorice in a bunch of fun manicures: Celeb Nails: Kelly Clarkson, Celeb Nails: Britney (I Wanna Go), Olympic Nails: Dana Vollmer, and Nail Art: Blackfish Movie Poster,

On the whole, a black polish is a black polish is a black polish – so find one you love and stick with it. This happens to be the black polish love of my life.


Note: Updated 12/23/13 (Yes, it’s still my favorite!)



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