Essie Neo Whimsical

From Essie’s 2010 The Art of Spring Collection, Neo Whimsical is a light pink creme with a bit of purple thrown in.

I don’t love this color (and I definitely prefer Lilacism from this collection). It’s a little safe for my taste. That being said, as far as pinks go, Essie has made it interesting by adding some purple to the color. The formula is typical Essie. Streaky with the first coat, but evened out after the second. Normally I think 2 coats of this color would give me an opaque look, but due to the fact that my nails are still stained because of the Sally Hansen Fairy Teal disaster, I used 3.

Overall, I’m rather underwhelmed by this collection from Essie. For my particular skin tone, I can’t use the orange colors they released. If I could, I think I would like this collection a lot more. The rest of the colors just aren’t very unique.



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