Essie Matte About You

Essie - Matte About YouI resisted the matte nail polish trend for quite awhile, but finally broke down and purchased Essie Matte About You after borrowing Katie’s OPI Russian Navy Matte. I liked the look, but could hardly justify buying matte versions of polish I already owned.

I actually quite like this product. I’ve used it over several polishes (Essie Midnight Cami being my favorite). It gives a true matte finish initially. That being said, everytime I’ve used it, it chipped in a day or two. And the matte finish also faded. I’m willing to put up with that because matte polishes (like those from OPIs Matte collection) do not wear longer or better.

This top coat dries extremely fast.

Ulta. $10


If you want to make your own matte top coat, check out my DIY Matte Top Coat post!


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