Essie – Just Stitched

just stitched (bottle)While January and February are traditionally nail polish dead zones, I’m in heaven with the transitional collections! Zoya released the Naturel Satins and Essie released their Cashmere Mattes – bam. I guess OPI needed a nap. No judgment, I love naps. Though to be fair, they had this down in 2009 with the Suede polishes.

Oh Essie. I love you. I love you and your Cashmere Matte Collection. My life is complete: a light pink shimmery matte. I have been dreaming of a polish like this for years. Seriously.

Just Stitched is a sophisticated soft pink. The crushed micro pearls create a lovely blue micro shimmer. Essie describes it as a warm pearly-plush pink. Pearly? Yes. Plush? Sure. Pink? Obviously. Warm? Ehh…maybe cozy would have been a better choice, the blue micro shimmer situation makes me want to put this in the cool category, but I get what they were going for.

While this polish is a dream come true, it’s taken some trial & error with the application: it certainly wasn’t love at first brush stroke. I tried it with and without a base coat – finally finding success with Julep’s Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. I ended up using 4 coats, which is more than I usually have the patience for but… light… pink… matte… I’ll do anything for you.

Alli had a great experience with Coat Couture & I really need to get my hands on Spun in Luxe. I really hope that essie makes more of these lovelies. Can you imagine a sea foam green with this shimmer!? I’d freak.

The Essie Cashmere Matte polishes retail for $8.50 and are SO easy to find. I’ve seen the Cashmere Matte collection at Ulta and Walgreens. There’s also a Cashmere Matte Trio available at Ulta & Nordstrom’s for $25.50. The trio includes Just Stitched, Coat Couture, and All Eyes on Nude. There’s no special value with the trio, it’d make cute gift though.

Have a beautiful day!

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