wet n wild 1 Step WonderGel Crime of Passion

wet n wild 1 Step WonderGel Crime of Passion The Daily VarnishI mentioned in my post on essie Cabana Boy that the beauty section  at my local CVS was going under a bit of an overhaul. Well, one of the things they added was the new 1 Step WonderGel line to the existing wet n wild display.

For the longest time I was a huge fan of wet n wild nail polish. But, as the years pasted, the rest of the nail polish world moved forward and wet n wild was a bit stagnant. So I was very excited about the release of this line.

Thanks to my love of red nail polish (and the fact that it is included in the wet n wild Wild At Heart Valentine’s display…) I went straight for Crime of Passion. The polish is AMAZING. Not only is it a fantastic cherry red creme the formula is outstanding.

Though wet n wild claims this is a 1 step nail polish I did use 2 coats in my swatches. I also used a base coat (Orly Bonder) because….red nail polish.

I want to do a wear test with this polish because wet n wild claims up to 2 weeks of wear. My nails still looked awesome on day 4 and currently I have Crime of Passion on my toes and it is wearing incredibly well.

Under the jump I included some information from wet n wild on the 1 Step WonderGel line as well as swatches of Crime of Passion.


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essie Cabana Boy

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EOS Lip Balm Update

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