Kiko – Golden Rose (802) + US Kiko Online Store is OPEN!

Kiko - 802 Golden Tiffany BottleI have some seriously exciting news today. Kiko has opened an online store for the US! If you aren’t familiar with Kiko, it’s a European cosmetics brand with FABULOUS nail polish. I’ve been aching to try some of their make up products, but haven’t gotten the chance yet. Everything is well within the drugstore price range and they have fairly regular sales. Currently, there is an entire section listed 50% off, free gift box with purchase, and free shipping with orders over $35. But here’s the best news…

GOLDEN TIFFANY IS IN STOCK! So many of you commented on my 2014 favorites post about Golden Tiffany (834) – it’s not listed on the Kiko UK site anymore, but it is listed on the US site.

In honor of the reemergence of Golden Tiffany, I decided to post the pink version: Golden Rose. Golden Rose is beautiful. Light pink so packed with golden microshimmer that it looks coral at times. It’s a polish that just speaks for itself. It’s perfect. I used three coats.

I have more than a handful of Kiko polishes to show you, I’ve held off so far because until now, they were pretty hard to get unless you were a. in Europe or b. had a fabulous polish pal to send you goodies (like me!). To tide you over, here are our previous Kiko posts.

I’ve tried both the regular Nail Lacquer & the Quick Dry and both retail for $3.90 on the Kiko website. I’m totally crushing on the Cupcake Nail Lacquer & Fancy Top Coat polishes – 1.90 each!

If you go check out the Kiko website – I’d love to know which polishes and/or products catch your eye.

Swatches below! The first two swatches are in direct sunlight, late afternoon sun and the third was in my lightbox.

katie signature 2015

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SinfulColors Whiteboard

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