essie No Chips Ahead

essie No Chips Ahead The Daily VarnishEarlier this month I ordered a couple new (to me) essie nail care productsNo Chips Ahead and Second Shine Around. Honestly, I saw Second Shine Around in Nail It! magazine and was really interested in trying it. Since I wasn’t in love with the top coat I was using (China Glaze Fast Forward) I decided to also order an every day top coat along with Second Shine Around.

essie is a brand I trust. After all, they make my all time favorite top coat; Good to Go!. So, admittedly, I did not read any reviews before purchasing No Chips Ahead. I definitely regret that!

The claims are what sold me on this product. No Chips Ahead contains a wear extender and color shield to protect against fading, resist chips and peeling. The high gloss top coat extends manicure for days.

Sounds marvelous. Unfortunately, the problems with this top coat outweigh any benefits.

The first time I used this I immediately noticed bubbles. On almost every nail. Which I thought was odd as the top coat is on the thinner side. As my manicure was drying I did notice the finish was super shiny; if not for the bubbles my manicure would have looked fantastic. I did notice the polish was taking quite a while to dry but this isn’t touted as a fast drying top coat so that’s fine.

I went to bed 6 or 7 hours after I did my nails. The next morning I had horrific bed nails.

One bad experience certainly didn’t mean this top coat was to blame so I kept using it. And I kept experiencing the same issues. Even when I could keep the bubbles at bay my manicure seemingly never dried.

I so disappointed in this product. Generally when I review a top coat I use it several months before writing a review as I like to really use the product and test it under different circumstances with different manicures. But No Chips Ahead just flat out isn’t usable. I don’t have time to sit around and do nothing so I can give my nails a full 12 hours to dry. Plus, I was tired of all my manicures being ruined.

I can’t recommend this product to anyone but if you already have it there is one way you can use it; over glitter.

Under the jump I did include an ingredients list just for good measure.

I find myself in the need for a new top coat so please leave any top coat recommendations you may have in a comment. I have reviewed quite a few top coats so I will include links to some of those in the related posts section under the jump as well.


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