Revisiting OPI I’m Not Really A Waitress (black label)

OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress The Daily VarnishThis was my first ever OPI polish. I loved it. I lived in it. It was MY color. And then I started getting into nail polish and the millions of color options out there completely distracted me from my first OPI love.

I don’t know why but I found myself thinking about I’m Not Really A Waitress the other night so I decided to dig out my bottle. The cap was stuck so I did the whole hot water method (full tutorial on how to unstick nail polish bottles here). Finally, I got into the bottle and y’all. The chemical smell was INTENSE.

But, it’s a black label OPI so I figured I’d just forgotten how nail polish used to smell. Kind of glad I had forgotten that, to be honest.

I proceeded to paint my nails and the formula was just….not what I was used to. It’s not that the formula had thickened over time it’s just that it didn’t apply smoothly. Plus, no pro wide brush! It’s a miracle I made it.

Despite all of this, I’m Not Really A Waitress is just classic. The color is gorgeous and universally flattering. There’s a reason almost everyone on the planet owns or has owned a bottle of INRAW.

I’m seriously considering ordering a new bottle. The OPI formula has improved a great deal and it’d be nice to have the pro wide brush.

I’m Not Really A Waitress is available literally everywhere. I picked up this bottle at Target. You can also find INRAW at Ulta or on Amazon.

There are a couple of swatches under the jump.


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OPI Cosmo With A Twist

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OPI – Comet Closer

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Essie – Peak Show

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Electra-Cute

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Zoya – Aspen

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